Ashoka Chakravarthy Telugu Movie Songs



Directed by S. S. Ravi Chandra
Produced by Smt. Kaaja Venkataravamma
Starring Nandamuri Balakrishna, Bhanupriya
Music by Ilaiyaraaja
Production Company Sri Venkateswara Art Productions
Release date: 29 June 1989
Language: Telugu

Ashoka Chakravarthy Telugu Movie Songs

Ashoka Chakravarthy is a 1989 Telugu-language action film produced by Smt. Kaaja Venkataravamma under the Sri Venkateswara Art Productions banner and directed by S. S. Ravi Chandra. It stars Nandamuri Balakrishna, and Bhanupriya, and the music is composed by Ilayaraja. The film was a remake of the Mohanlal-starring Malayalam film Aryan with several changes to suit the audience.

The film begins in Bombay which is in jeopardy of a gang war between two dreadful Karim Saheb & Majid Khan. Vedam Venkata Ashok a spirited belongs to an orthodox Brahmin family steps in and strives for livelihood but in vain when acquainted with a sincere cop ACP Robin Albert. Besides, he is sheltered by a benevolent Muslim Abdullah and he spins back. Ashok is a priest at a temple in their village Krishnapuram. Vedam Venkataraya Sastry, his father bankrupted by the betrayal of his brother-in-law Shanmukha Sastry & Aadiseshaiah, and Ashok revolted against them. Moreover, Shanmukha Sastry begrudged as his daughter Urmila endears him. Accordingly, they collude with a vile cop who incriminates Ashok for heisting the jewelry of Goddess and sentences him. Soon after release, Venkataraya Sastry ostracizes Ashok when he pledges to return with great riches.

Once, Ashok clashes with Majid Khan’s men in rescuing a penniless. Since then, death behind him. Gazing at his caliber Karim Saheb offers him to enroll in his syndicate. As it is inevitable, Ashok sets foot into the netherworld as a white knight that succeeds in several dangerous operations and destroys the Majid Khan dynasty. He sends all his earnings to Urmila to hand over his sly brother-in-law Krishna Murthy who swindles it. Presently, Ashok summits as a kingpin that is angry with Kishtaiah a sidekick. Preeti one that is fascinated with Ashok is rejected. Urmila flees to avoid forcible knit and reaches Bombay when ACP Robin secures her. Currently, Karim’s son Salim loves Abdullah’s daughter Anarkali which infuriates Karim Saheb and warns Abdullah. Here Ashok’s counterstrikes make him realize the eminence of love and decide to band the lovers.

Meanwhile, Robin unites Ashok & Urmila through her he knows that his family is dropped into poverty. So, he moves to his hometown where Venkataraya Sastry still hinders his entrance. Then, he challenges to prove himself as non-guilty by Vijayadashami. In Bombay, Kishtaiah & Preeti mingles with Majid Khan and backstab Karim Saab when Robin seizes him. Immediately runs back, tactically acquits Karim Saheb, and performs the wedding of Salim & Anarkali. On that eve Majid Khan onslaughts in which Karim Saheb dies when Ashok strikes back absconds from Bombay and lands at Krishnapuram. Now he grabs knaves, recoups the temple jewelry, and is exonerated. Wherefore, Venkataraya Sastry requests Ashok to partake in the family which he politely rejects as he is ineligible to be with them. At last, Majid Khan assaults and Robin also proceeds to apprehend the two. Finally, the movie ends with Ashok ceasing the baddies and surrendering to the Police.

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