Chinna Veedu Movie Songs by Ilayaraja

Chinna Veedu Movie Songs
Chinna Veedu Movie Songs
Directed by K. Bhagyaraj
Produced by C. K. Kannan, M. K. Ramachandran
Written by K. Bhagyaraj
Starring K. Bhagyaraj, Kalpana, Anu, Kovai Sarala
Music by Ilaiyaraaja
Production Company : Jaya Vijaya Movies
Release Date : 11 November 1985

Chinna Veedu Movie Stroy: Madanagopal is a bachelor who has great dreams about his future wife. He imagines a girl to be his dream girl who has all sorts of beauty right from head to foot. But his parents arrange marriage with a girl Bhagyalakshmi without his consent. Gopal is shocked at seeing the photograph of his future wife as she is fat, ugly and uncultured and not even near to his expectations of his dream girl. On the day of marriage he runs away from the marriage hall and because of this marriage stops. Gopal parents find him and make him marry her as their daughter needs to marry the brother of the bride.

Gopal gets very disappointed about his marriage. On the first night, he shouts at his wife that she is in no way suited to his personality and he does not want to live with her. Bhagyalakshmi understands his feelings and keeps quiet. Both of them live in the same room but do not live together. Gopal feels that he made a sacrifice of his life by marrying a woman like Bhagyalakshmi and so he does not respect his in-laws. Bhagyam tolerates all of his stupid acts as she loves him very much and also her inferiority complex. Even after his marriage Gopal does not stop dreaming about his dream girl and introduces himself as a bachelor in the office of the new Bank job which he got from a recommendation of his father-in-law. Chakavarthi brother of Bhagyalakshmi visits his sister’s home and finds out about Gopal. He keeps on following Gopal and informs his whereabouts to his sister. Bhagyalakshmi asks him to have a mistress for himself to which Gopal denies half-mindedly. Gopal’s mother gets angry that her daughter is conceived but Bhagyalakshmi shows no sign of pregnancy and she pricks her a lot. Hence Gopal seduces his wife but reveals he did it for her sake as he feels pity for her. This angers Bhagyalakshmi as she wants the love of her husband and not his pity.

Gopal is given the task of collecting the loan amount from a woman named Maragathambal and he goes in search of her. On the way, he is stopped by a young woman who calls him to her home. She sells some vessels at her home and pays the loan installment. Gopal feels bad about that and so he gets some time from the bank to repay the amount. The girl introduces herself as Banu an unemployed woman and granddaughter of Maragathambal. Slowly a friendship develops between both of them and he visits her home frequently. One day Gopal becomes emotional while both are alone and seduces Banu. Banu forgives him for his actions and asks him to marry her but gets shocked when she knows he is married. Gopal runs away from the place feeling guilty of spoiling a homely girl’s life. Actually, Banu is not a homely girl but a prostitute who cunningly wants to trap Gopal. Bhagyalakshmi becomes pregnant and Gopal turns his attention towards her to take good care of her because of which he reduces the frequency of his visit to Banu. Banu understands that he slowly escaping from her and blackmails him that she is also pregnant and compels him to marry her. She ties the sacred knot by herself when the police come to arrest her on a brothel case. Gopal accepts them that he married Banu.

Gopal’s family comes to know about his relationship with another woman and shouts at him. But Bhagyalakshmi keeps quiet and calm and is confident that her husband will come back to her. Meanwhile, Gopal finds the background of Banu and the woman who is not her grandmother but her servant man. He catches her in red hand and warns her that she should not interfere in his life anymore and dumps her. Banu complains to the police that Gopal married her as a second wife when his first wife is alive and Gopal is arrested. Bhagyalakshmi meets Banu and tells her to leave away her husband which Banu does not accept and she threatens that she will face the consequences in court. But Bhayalakshmi shows all evidence of previous cases where Banu trapped men like how she trapped Gopal and so her case will not succeed. Banu gets furious and sets revenge on pregnant Bhagyalakshmi after Bhagyalakshmi leaves her house. Gopal convinces Banu to police and struggles to save his wife but Bhagyalakshmi gets attacked by Banu’s henchman when she tried to save her husband. She is admitted to the hospital and after much serious treatment delivers triplets. Gopal reunites with his wife and kids and lives happily.

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