Kizhakkum Merkkum Tamil Movie Songs by Ilayaraja

Kizhakkum Merkkum Tamil Movie Songs
Kizhakkum Merkkum Tamil Movie Songs
Directed by Kalanjiyam
Produced by Amudha Durairaj, Deivanai Durairaj
Written by Kalanjiyam
Starring Napoleon, Nassar, Devayani, Geetha
Music by Ilaiyaraaja
Production Company : Deivanai Movie International
Release Date : 14 January 1998

Kizhakkum Merkkum Tamil Movie Story: Suryamurthy (Napoleon) and Thillai (Geetha) are siblings. They were expelled of their home, by their step-mother Chinnamma (Theni Kunjarammal) at a young age. The siblings worked hard to come up in life.

Many years later, Suryamurthy looks for a good husband for his sister and finds Kathalingam (Nassar) who is from another village. So Suryamurthy inquires the villagers about Kathalingam’s character, everyone praised Kathalingam but the villagers lied and Kathalingam was in fact a bad person. Kathalingam is a drunkard and has an affair with the village belle Valli (Vichithra). Without knowing the truth, Kathalingam and Thillai get married. Finally, Thillai and Suryamurthy realise that Kathalingam is a bad person but it’s too late. In the meantime, Suryamurthy and Kathalingam’s sister Mallika (Devayani) fall in love with each other however Thillai warns him about the consequence of this love on her marriage life. After a misunderstanding, Mallika begins to hate the honest man Suryamurthy. When Kathalingam prepares the wedding between his sister Mallika and a well-educated bride, the wedding is cancelled. The bride family refuses to marry the bride to a woman who has an affair with Suryamurthy. Kathalingam gets angry and brutally beats Thillai in front of Suryamurthy. Suryamurthy begs him to leave her in peace, but Kathalingam refuses and Suryamurthy is forced to beat Kathalingam in turn. Suryamurthy cannot bear the pain endured by his sister and kidnaps Mallika to stop this cruelty. Kathalingam decides to live with Valli. What transpires next forms the rest of the story.

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