Chinna Rayudu Songs

Chinna Rayudu songs
Chinna Rayudu Songs
Directed by B. Gopal
Produced by P. R. Prasad
Starring Venkatesh, Vijayashanti
Music by Ilayaraja
Production Company: Sri Datta Sai Films
Audio Label: Lahari Music
Release date: 7 August 1992

Chinna Rayudu Movie(Venkatesh) the arbitrator and most respected person in a village and sees through that all the people lives happily. Whenever injustice comes to the fore, he appears to resolve it in an authentic manner, he lives with his mother Durgamma (Nirmalamma). Chinnarayudu’s brother-in-law Pasupathi (Mohan Raj) is always opponent and anti to him. Gowri (Vijayashanti) a girl in the village lives by rearing the goats have funny fights with Chinnarayudu & Durgamma and they both silently love each other. Gowri has debt of amount to Pasupathi for studying her sister Ganga (Haritha), she not able to repay the money so issue goes to Chinnarayudu’s judgement, then situation arises Gowri has to collect money from villagers for repaying her debt and ultimately landing up in getting married to the Chinnarayudu.

After some time, in an auction Chinnarayudu loss to Pasupathi, to bear a grudge Pasupathi mixes poison in a fish water lake and keeps the blame on Chinnarayudu. Prakash Rao (Vinod) a person who brought up and studied by Chinnarayudu, but he feels that he insulted him many times, for that ire he prepares to give evidence against Chinnarayudu. Gowri comes to know that, she requests him a lot at last she doesn’t have any other alternative to stopping him, expect to axe him. Gowri has sent to remand and the case under judgment.

Meanwhile, Ganga becomes pregnant, Chinnarayudu takes the blame on him for that Durgamma sends him out of the house. In jail Gowri tries make suicide Chinnarayudu meets her in hospital and reveals the truth “the person who made Ganga pregnant is none other than Prakash Rao, no one will believe this, that’s why he took the blame” then Gowri realizes. At the same time, Chinnarayudu comes to know that Prakash Rao does not die while Gowri axed him after that Pasupathi killed him. Chinnarayudu proves this truth and makes Gowri realized. Ganga gives birth to a baby, she also tells the truth to everyone and dies. Chinnarayudu catches Pasupathi and gets him to panchayat, he also realizes his mistake and surrenders himself to Police.

Chinna Rayudu Songs Source:
Aditya Music

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