Chinna Thaayi Movie Songs by Ilayaraja

Chinna Thaayi Movie Songs
Chinna Thaayi Movie Songs
Directed by S. Ganesaraj
Produced by M. Vedha
Written by S. Ganesaraj
Starring Vignesh, Padmashri, Radha Ravi, Vinu Chakravarthy, Napoleon
Music by Ilaiyaraaja
Cinematography by Viswam Nataraj
Release Date: 1 February 1992

Chinna Thaayi Story: Ponrasu (Vignesh) returns to his village after studying in the city. Ponrasu’s father Veeramuthu Naicker (Vinu Chakravarthy) is the religious figure of the village called “Samiyaadi” (disguised as the male deity Sudalai Madan) who delivers divine judgment and kills those who faced him during the ceremony. Ponrasu loves the village belle Chinna Thayee (Padmashri) since his childhood and Chinna Thayee develops a soft corner for Ponrasu.

Chinna Thayee’s mother Raasamma (Sabitha Anand) is against their love because in the past Raasamma was in love with a singer and he dumped her after consummating their relationship, she is afraid that the same thing happens to her daughter. Raasamma is the mistress of Samundi (Napoleon), a brute, who is married to another person and has a child.

Raasamma brainwashed Chinna Thayee and convinced her to forget him. Chinna Thayee first avoids Ponrasu, but then they get closer and Chinna Thayee gets pregnant. In a routine ceremony, Veeramuthu Naicker as “Samiyaadi” faces Raasamma who reveals everything on their children’s relationship and she implores him to kill her. Shocked, Veeramuthu Naicker ignores her. This incident is considered a bad omen by the villagers. Then, Ponrasu’s parents brainwash him and the heartbroken Ponrasu returns to the city.

One day, Samundi tries to rape Chinna Thayee and during the confrontation, he kills his mistress Raasamma. At the village court (Gram panchayat), Veeramuthu Naicker solely orders Samundi to make offerings at the temple and he succeeds to cover up his son’s love affair. Chinna Thayee complains it to the police and the police inspector Sankarapandian (Radha Ravi) attempts to arrest Samundi. Sankarapandian faces the village’s opposition, so he arrests Veeramuthu Naicker and he releases him later. Ponrasu returns to his village and he cannot forget Chinna Thayee whereas his father forces him to marry another girl. The previous ceremony’s incident overwhelmed the entire village, so Ponrasu becomes the new “Samiyaadi”. During the ceremony, Ponrasu faces Chinna Thayee with his newborn baby. What transpires later forms the crux of the story.

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