Nadodi Pattukaran Tamil Movie Songs by Ilaiyaraja

Nadodi Pattukaran Tamil Movie Songs
Nadodi Pattukaran Tamil Movie Songs
Directed by N. K. Vishwanathan
Produced by Sangili Murugan
Written by Sangili Murugan
Starring: Karthik, Mohini, Jaishankar
Music by Ilaiyaraaja
Production Company: Murugan Cine Arts
Release Date: 15 May 1992

Nadodi Pattukaran Story: Sundaram (Karthik), Thevar Ayya (M. N. Nambiar), Periya Madurai (Thyagu), Seedan (Charle), Vadivelu (Chinni Jayanth) and Annamalai (Manangatti Subramaniam) form a music troup. Sundaram is a jobless graduate who prefers making his living by singing than being unemployed. The group travel from village to village leaving their family. One day, the troup enters in a village where the robbers spreads terror amongs the villagers. The troup confront them and the police arrests the robbers. The troup becomes quickly popular. Geetha (Mohini), the daughter of the village head Sivathaya (Jaishankar), falls under the spell of Sundaram. Later, Geetha and Sundaram fall in love with each other, on the other side Geetha’s family objects their love. What transpires later forms the crux of the story.

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