Chinna Kannamma Movie Songs by Ilayaraja

Chinna Kannamma Movie Songs
Chinna Kannamma Movie Songs
Directed by R. Raghu
Produced by Aru. Shanmuganathan, Aru. Subramaniam
Written by R. Raghu
Starring Karthik, Gouthami, Suhasini, Nassar, Shamili
Music by Ilaiyaraaja
Production Company: Geetha Chithra Combines
Release Date: 29 January 1993

Chinna Kannamma Movie Story: Aravind, a youngster who was transferred for a job, falls in love with Gayatri. Despite their parents’ refusal, they marry and have a girl (Baby Shamili) but Gayatri dies when the baby is about 2 years. Aravind befriends a couple (Suhasini and Nassar). One day, the couple’s daughter, Priya dies. Then, Uma and Pradeep, ask to adopt Saranya. Aravind cannot let them do it because it was his only family. Later before dying, a nurse contacts Uma to reveal that Saranya was her daughter and Priya was Aravind’s child. Uma takes the affair to court. The judge decides to let Saranya to Uma and Pradeep, her real parents. Saranya doesn’t want to live with them so Uma lets her go with Aravind.

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