Coolie No 1 Telugu Songs by Ilayaraja

Coolie No 1 Telugu Songs
Coolie No 1 Telugu Songs
Directed by K. Raghavendra Rao
Produced by D. Suresh
Starring Venkatesh, Tabu
Music by Ilayaraja
Production Company : Suresh Productions
Release date : 12 June 1991

Coolie No 1 Story: Ranjani (Tabu) a proud women, daughter of Koteswara Rao (Rao Gopal Rao) a multimillionaire in Singapore. Once when she is travelling towards Hyderabad in the train, she stops the train for her fallen lipstick which leads to the death of women Parvathamma (Dubbing Janaki). Raju (Venkatesh) Coolie No: 1 at Secunderabad Railway Station. Raju & Ranjani always have so many clashes between each other. So Rajani calls her father Koteswara Rao from Singapore and both of them implicates Raju in a rape case and sends him to jail.

However, Raju is successful in escaping from jail. Due to Raju’s threat Koteswara Rao & Ranjani goes to Singapore, Raju also reaches there with the help of Ranjani’s mother Gruhalakshmi (Sarada). Raju changes himself as Bharat and showcases himself as a big shot before Ranjani and makes her fall in his love. Everyone agrees for their marriage, but Buchi Babu (Paruchuri Venkateswara Rao) partner of Koteswara Rao and his son Gopal (Mohan Babu) who want to marry Ranjani finds out that he is none other than Coolie No: 1, Raju. After completion of the marriage, Raju reveals the truth. Everyone is shocked, Ranjani is completed disturbed and she also throws away the holy Hindu wedding chain (Mangalsutram).

After that, everyone reaches back to India. Raju arranges their marriage reception in India, to overcome this problem Koteswara Rao contacts a local goon Ranga Rao, (Kota Srinivasa Rao) to stop the reception he creates a big communal riot in Raju’s colony which leads to death of so many innocent people. In that frustration and anger Raju makes Ranjani pregnant by giving her sedation with Gruhalakshmi’s help, she makes all the possible attempts to remove the baby but fails. Finally, she decides to throw away the baby after giving birth.

Meanwhile, Ranga Rao, Buchi Babu & Gopal tries to kill Koteswara Rao for his property but Raju protects him which makes him realize. Ranjani gives birth to the baby boy even then she will not leave her arrogance and throws away the child. Raju decides to leave her on her fate goes away with the baby, in that anger Gruhalakshmi reveals Ranjani’s past that she is not their own daughter, she is a daughter of a railway coolie and the women who died in the beginning due her negligence is her own mother. Licensing to this Ranjani admits her mistake. At the same time Ranga Rao, Buchi Babu & Gopal beats Raju very badly and kidnaps the baby and they blackmail Ranjani for her entire property documents. Ranjani runs towards Raju’s help, says sorry to him by falling down on his feet. Finally, Raju protects the baby and eliminates all the baddies and the movie ends with the remarriage of Raju & Ranjani.

Coolie No 1 Telugu Songs Source:
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