Kaveriye Kavikuyiley Video Song from Adutha Varisu

Kaveriye Kavikuyiley Video Song
Kaveriye Kavikuyiley Video Song
Directed by SP. Muthuraman
Produced by Dwarakish
Written by Panchu Arunachalam
Starring Rajinikanth, Sridevi, Manorama,Silk Smitha,Raveendran
Music by Ilayaraja
Production Company : Dwarakish Chitra
Release Date : 7 July 1983

Kaveriye Kavikuyiley Video Song Information:
Singers: S. P. Balasubramanyam, S. Janaki
Lyrics : Panchu Arunachalam

Adutha Varisu Rajinikanth plays the role of Kannan, a small-time bounty hunter who is enlisted by the crooked members of a royal zameen to find a girl to impersonate the lost heiress to the throne, so that they can usurp the zameen’s wealth. Kannan comes across nomadic girl Valli (Sridevi) and trains her to act appropriately and introduces her as the lost heiress to the zameen’s head, Rani Amma Rajalakshmi, who is the grandmother of the lost heiress. However, when he learns from Valli’s adopted parents that Valli is truly the lost heiress, he sets out to protect her and Rani Amma from the crooked clan

Courtesy Source:
Kaveriye Kavikuyiley Video Song source Rajshri Tamil
Adutha Varisu content source https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Adutha_Varisu

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