Pallavi Anu Pallavi Kannada Movie Songs by Ilayaraja

Pallavi Anu Pallavi Kannada Movie Songs
Pallavi Anu Pallavi Kannada Movie Songs
Directed by Mani Ratnam
Produced by T.Govindarajan
Screenplay by Mani Ratnam
Story by Mani Ratnam, Starring, Anil Kapoor, Lakshmi
Music by Ilayaraja
Production Company: Venus Pictures
Release Date: January 1983

Pallavi Anupallavi is a 1983 Indian Kannada film directed by Mani Ratnam in his directorial debut. It stars Anil Kapoor as the protagonist, with Lakshmi and Kiran Vairale portraying other leading roles.

The film deals with an unconventional plot of a committed young man falling in love with an older woman, and finding himself and his true desires through the experience. Balu Mahendra and Ilaiyaraaja were the film’s cinematographer and music composer, respectively. The film was an average commercial success, but earned critical acclaim from award committees.

Pallavi Anupallavi Story: Having pledged his love for Madhu (Kiran Vairale), Vijay (Anil Kapoor) finds himself entwined in a close friendship with Anu (Lakshmi), a married woman separated from her husband. Vijay grapples with the definition of love, treading the fine line between trust and attraction, amidst tremendous societal pressures. He is confused whether he loves Anu, an older woman, yet knows that Madhu is ready to accept him as a husband. Amid all this is his youthful streak of rebellion, ready to take on the world despite the taboos attached.

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