Ninuchoodaka Nenundalenu Songs

Ninuchoodaka Nenundalenu Telugu Movie Songs
Ninuchoodaka Nenundalenu Songs
Banner: J.M.Entertainment
Directed by R. Srinivas
Produced by J. M. Joshi
Starring Sachiin J Joshi, Bhavna Pani
Music by Ilaiyaraaja
Release Date: 21 December 2002
Audio Label: Aditya Music

Ninuchoodaka Nenundalenu Story: Most of the film happens in the flashback narrated by the hero. Ganesh (Sachin) and Kaveri (Bhavana pani) keep on fighting from the beginning, for reasons known only to them. They stay in the house of Chandramohan and Sana while attending engineering college. Ganesh father is a landlord and Kaveri’s father is a collector. As a part of the quarrel, Kaveri mixes cyanide thinking it is salt in his food and before he eats she got to know it is poison and throws away his food Ganesh upset he lost the food slaps Kaveri. After the slap, Kaveri starts loving him without any reason. Their parents agree to the marriage, but the difference in their status comes, but Ganesh and Kaveri marry against their wishes. Chandramohan gets a job for Ganesh and leaves his house to him and goes to America. Ganesh goes to office work and returns on his marriage day. To meet her husband knavery runs towards him to make a fall on stairs which leads doctors to say she is suffering from brain hammering. After a couple more reels she is recovered and all is well that ends well.

Ninuchoodaka Nenundalenu Songs Source:
Aditya Music

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