Thoorupu Sindhuram Telugu Movie Songs by Ilayaraja

Thoorupu Sindhuram Telugu Movie Songs
Thoorupu Sindhuram Telugu Movie Songs
Directed by R. V. Udayakumar
Produced by B.Sita Ramayya
Starring Karthik, Revathy, Kushboo, Chinni Jayanth, Manorama, Vijayakumar, Janagaraj
Music by Ilaiyaraaja
Production Company: Sri Lakshmi Devi Combines
Release Date: 1990
Audio Label: Echo & Aditya Music

Thoorupu Sindhuram Story: The film takes place in a village after which the movie is titled. Revathy leads a cloistered life and does not visit anyone. She is worshipped as a holy lad upon whom the god comes down to give them orders periodically. Revathy was an orphan and is found by Janagaraj, who is a street performer. They go from house to house begging for food. One day a lonely woman, Sulakshana,(a secret prostitute of the village high man) accepts Revathy as her own daughter and janagaraj as her brother, into her own house and provides for them. After 10 years, revathy attains age and some days later finds sulakshan’s occupation. She and janagaraj attempt to leave her house, but sulakshana suddenly falls ill and this stops their exit. After Sulakshana’s death, Vijaykakumar, the head of the village, tries to take advantage of Revathi. But Revathi keeps dodging him and keeps herself chaste.

Ponnurangam Karthik, the village hero, is a folk singer who performs with his mini troop in a nearby village occasionally for festivals. He works as a part-time labor worker for Vijayakumar. He initially has a strong crush in love with the daughterKushboo of Valliyuran, the rich head of a neighboring village and brother-in-law of his boss. The girl cheats him by saying that she too loves her and asks his mm to ask his mother to talk to her father about the matter. But Ponnurangam’s mother is beaten by Valliyuran’s men and dies in her sleep due to shame. Now Kushboo falls in love with him, but Ponnurangam is so dejected with life. Meanwhile, Vijayakumar arranges the marriage of his spoilt son with Valliyuran’s daughter to end their feud of 20 years and to incorporate all of their properties under his son. Ponnurangam is asked to perform at Valliyuran’s house the night before marriage. At the end of the song, the bride says sorry to him for his mother’s death and gives him money which he coldly rejects. the groom sees the sequence. There is a fight between the families and marriage is stopped. The next day, Vijayakumar’s son and his men fight with Ponnurangam and stab him in the back with a poisoned knife. Revathy takes care of Ponnurangam and love blossoms between them. Ponnurangam plans to make Revathy his wife. Vijayakumar tries to thwart them, by abducting and raping revathy. He kills ponnurangam’s brother, But he is mobbed by the villagers and is beaten up. The last scene shows Ponnurangam and Revathy walking away from the camera on a road, together.

Thoorupu Sindhuram Telugu Movie Songs Courtesy Source:
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