Aanazhagan Tamil Movie Songs by Ilayaraja

Aanazhagan Tamil Movie Songs
Aanazhagan Tamil Movie Songs
Directed by Thiagarajan
Produced by S. Balaji
Screenplay by Thiagarajan
Story by P. Samba Siva Rao
Starring Prashanth, Suneha, K. R. Vijaya, Vadivelu
Music by Ilaiyaraaja
Release Date: 11 March 1995

Aanazhagan Tamil Movie Story: Raja (Prashanth), Sudhakar (Charle), Raghava (Chinni Jayanth), and Marudhu (Vadivelu) are good friends who stay together as tenants at (Gandhimathi), after being thrown out of the house they start searching for a new house on rent but no one is willing to give their house for bachelors. Finally, they come to know a landlady (K. R. Vijaya) in search of a family as her tenants. A plot is hatched and all four bachelors dress up to be a family man (Charle), his retarded brother (Chinni Jayanth), his uncle (Vadivelu) & his wife Lakshmi (Prashanth being the wife). Now Prashanth’s (who happens to be in a woman’s attire) lady love (Suneha – debut) happens to be the landlady’s daughter. At one point of time by mistake the friends inform the landlady that Lakshmi is pregnant, the landlady arranges for Valaikaapu to function, followed by a Doctor (Vaishnavi) checkup, burst into a series of rumbled conflicts & all hell breaks loose. In the woman’s disguise, Prashanth looked extremely beautiful & his dramatic histrionics & Bharatanatyam dance in a women’s costume are the best parts & highlights of the movie Anazhagan.

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