Nizhalgal Tamil Movie Songs by Ilayaraja

Nizhalgal Tamil Movie Songs
Nizhalgal Tamil Movie Songs
Directed by P. Bharathiraja
Produced by P. Jayarajaa, S. P. Sigamani
Screenplay by P. Bharathiraja
Starring Nizhalgal Ravi, Chandrasekhar, Raadhu, Rajasekar
Music by Ilaiyaraaja
Production Company: Manoj Creations
Release Date: 6 November 1980

Nizhalgal Tamil Movie Songs Information:

00:00 Dhoorathili Naan Kanda – S. Janaki
05:05 Madai Thiranthu – S. P. Balasubrahmanyam
09:23 Ponmaalai Pozhuthu – S. P. Balasubrahmanyam
13:46 Poongathave Thaal – Deepan Chakravarthy, Uma Ramanan
18:09 Dhoorathil Naan Kanda (Repeat) – S. Janaki

Nizhalgal Story: Gopi and Hari, two unemployed graduates, share a room and live together in Madras. While Gopi is looking for a job, Hari aspires to become a music composer in the film industry. They both manage to make ends meet with the help of their friends. Their neighbour is Prabhu, a college-going student who spends all the time in smoking, painting and singing. A new family relocates to their apartment. The couple have a daughter Maha. Prabhu and Maha both study in the same college and become good friends. Prabhu decided to apprentice under a Veena expert. Much to his disappointment, the expert dies before he joins the class.

Gopi takes tuition for Maha and they both fall in love. During this time, Gopi, Hari, and Prabhu get arrested for some reason. Maha pledges her chain and takes them out on bail. In an attempt to reform, Prabhu goes to meet his college principal, but gets dismissed from the college. He gets scolded by his father, but Maha becomes very supportive to him. Prabhu assumes that she loves him. During this time Maha’s parents force her to discontinue her tuition as a few of their relatives suspect she and Gopi are in love with each other. Hari gets a break in films and gets an advance payment of money from the producers. Using the sum, they return Maha’s chain. By this time, Maha’s parents start looking for a groom for her.

Maha meets Gopi and advises him to find a job so that they can marry. Things start to take a turn for the worse when Hari is dropped from the film because the financier of the film is not convinced that having a newcomer is a good idea. The house owner expels Gopi and Hari from the house for not paying the rent. A dejected Gopi and Hari seek shelter with Mani, a rickshaw puller. Gopi gets a telegram informing that his father is dead. To bear his travel expenses, Mani’s son Singam goes out, but meets with an accident. Hari tries to get some money by playing music in the streets but is hardly able to make it. Gopi approaches a moneylender to borrow money. The moneylender talks ill about Singam which makes Gopi angry. In a fit of rage, he stabs the moneylender and takes away the money. When he arrives, he is informed that Singam is dead.

Meanwhile Maha’s parents arrange a marriage for her. When she meets Prabhu, he confesses his love for her. A shocked Maha informs him that she never loved him, but only loves Gopi. Prabhu gets disappointed and feels life has ditched him as every single moment. He tries to molest Maha but is stopped when she takes a knife and threatens that she will kill herself. Prabhu feels guilty and takes the knife and stabs himself to death. By this time, Gopi arrives at her house and informs her that he has killed the moneylender for money. They both go a step ahead and marry each other. The next day they are arrested for Prabhu’s murder. Hari throws his harmonium in the sea and becomes mad.

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